We make a selection of Corporate Buyers to meet our criteria of sellers. Only for those Buyers who are committed to develop the markets and bring the business to business in table top session.




1. Delivered the best B2B MICE and Corporate travel event in Indonesia
2. Strictly attended only for decision makers or influencers.
3. Proven 100 onsite business appointments through Table Top
4. Definite transaction
5. Effective in making contract, very direct and on the spot
6. Established a huge networking




Buyer Registration Fee : IDR 1000.000/person

Note: There will be cashback IDR 500.000 to all Buyers if collect all signature of seller/ join all program IMCTM 2016

Account Bank:

PT. Prista Teknologi Indonesia
Bank BRI
Branch Harapan Indah, Indonesia
Account: 0424-01-000690-300






  • Full Access On Table Top Session
  • 1 Night Accomodation
  • Welcome & farewell dinner
  • Transportation (Jakarta-Venue-Jakarta)
  • Post Tour Program



  • I agree to attend the IMCTM appointments sessions & official functions arranged for me throughout the event, and to be in attendance during the Exhibition.
  • I understand that I have to fulfill maximum business sessions with sellers at the event to get my
  • 50% Registration Fee reimbursement
  • I understand that I can nominate a senior colleague to replace me if I am unable to attend the event. The closing date for replacement is 7th August 2015 (Subject to Organizer’s approval)

IMPORTANT: Please all buyers delegated with Physically healthy condition and totally understand if something occured because my physical health, its beyond organizer responsibility.



For assistance with registration, please contact:

Fitri Suciani (Ms.)

t. 0813-4214-6914 (Whatsapp)